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“Glanzend International Private Limited is a group of stalwarts with proven excellence in various fields of expertise.”

Welcome to Glanzend Academy, where the world of language learning awaits you. This distinguished institution is a hub of knowledge and expertise, serving as a testament to the commitment and dedication of our team of experienced language trainers.



    Glanzend International Private Limited is a group of individuals who are leaders in their respective fields and have a proven track record of excellence. The company was formed with the aim of empowering individuals to reach their full potential by providing comprehensive development programs in the education and employment sectors. These programs are carefully crafted to enhance one’s intellectual, social, and cultural skills, thereby benefiting both the individual and society as a whole.
In addition to language training, Glanzend also plans to expand its services to cover the fields of infrastructure development, digital technology, and journalism. These areas are crucial for the growth and advancement of society and the company is committed to making a positive impact in these domains.
Glanzend’s focus on holistic development sets it apart from other organizations in the industry. The company’s team of experts works together to provide innovative and effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and communities. By doing so, Glanzend is helping to build a better future for all.


At the core of every successful enterprise lies a compelling backstory that is instrumental in shaping its identity and mission. For Destinex Global Services Pvt. Ltd. this story begins in 2009 when the company was first incorporated in Hyderabad. As the parent company of Glanzend International Pvt. Ltd, Destinex has since grown to become a leading player in the field of higher education consultancy services, with operations that extend beyond Hyderabad to Bangalore as well.
Over the years, Destinex has had the privilege of empowering over 1500 students to pursue their dreams of higher education in medical, engineering, and nursing fields in various countries. This has been made possible through a combination of clear admission guidelines, technical assistance, and rigorous interview training that prepares students for success in the competitive world of higher education. While the journey of Destinex has been marked by many challenges and obstacles, it is a testament to the unwavering commitment of its team to deliver quality services that exceed expectations. By putting the needs of its students first and foremost, Destinex has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the pursuit of academic excellence. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it remains guided by the same core values that have been instrumental in its success thus far.


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